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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

RP0F1: 3D Tutorials Collection

There are many tutorials available online both in text and video format that help students/learners/artists/hobbyist/professionals [3D digital artists] to create great design, VFX, games, film, animation, visualization, motion graphics, and simulation artwork. However, tutorials are scattered all over the place on Word Wide Web.

If you are searching for some quality tutorials to hone your skills, here's what I have collected for you in this free eBook, a collection of free 2D, 3D, animation, motion graphics, and VFX tutorials. The eBook is available in PDF as well as in the ePub format.

What's inside?

The eBook contains collection of tutorials [links] on various computer graphics applications. The links to the tutorials will be added to this eBook as they are released by various artists. I will be regularly updating this eBook, therefore, I recommend that you download this eBook atleast once a week.

Which CG Applications this eBook cover?

It contains tutorial links to the following computer graphics applications:

•    Cinema 4D
•    3ds Max
•    Maya
•    Blender
•    Houdini
•    Modo

What forms of payment are available?

The book is free to download.

In which format the eBook is available?

Yes, the eBook is available in the ePub and PDF formats.



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