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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

RP17C: Learn CINEMA 4D Studio R18 by Doing: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering

CINEMA 4D, developed by MAXON Computer GmbH in Germany, is a popular 3D application for students, professionals, and hobbyists. Beginners and seasoned professionals choose CINEMA 4D for its fast, easy workflow, and solid reliability. If you want to create jaw-dropping 3D renders quickly and easily, CINEMA 4D is the choice for you. It is capable of modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, rigging, and rendering. Apart from this, CINEMA 4D has modules such as MoGraph, XPresso, Hair, Dynamics, and so on that allow you to create stunning animations and physics simulations. CINEMA 4D comes in five variants: a core CINEMA 4D Prime variant, a Broadcast variant with additional broadcast features, a Visualize variant for architectural design, and a Studio variant that includes everything. Also, there a is a Lite variant which comes packaged with Adobe After Effects.

Learn CINEMA 4D Studio R18 by Doing: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering  textbook will walk you through the modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering techniques with CINEMA 4D Studio R18. This book offers a hands-on exercise based strategy for all those beginner and intermediate users who want to master these techniques in CINEMA 4D. The units in this book take you step-by-step though the whole process.

The strength of this book is that it teaches you modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering in an easy-to-understand language. Numerous hands-on exercises and practical challenges are included in the book to hone your skills. In the hands-on exercises, the content under the How we will proceed heading summarizes the approach you will take to compete the exercise. Moreover, the content under the What just happened heading explains the working of the instructions to give you better idea about the result. Every unit begins with the topics covered in that unit and every unit ends with a Quiz that allows you to assess the knowledge gained. As the readers move from hands-on exercise to hands-on exercise, they will be gaining robust knowledge about the CINEMA 4D modules. Practical challenges allow you to experiment with what you have learned in the unit.

One chapter of the book presents a foundation of techniques to help you build custom textures, maps, and designs using Photoshop.

What you need?

To complete the examples, hans-on exercises, and practical challenges of this book, you need Studio R18 version of CINEMA 4D. However, most of the exercises are compatible with the earlier versions as well.

What are the main features of the book?

  • Learn by doing, less theory more results.
  • Written in an easy to understand language.
  • Polygon and spline modeling techniques covered.
  • All deformers explained.
  • Shading, lighting, and rendering techniques (using the Physical renderer) covered.
  • The process of creating custom textures using Photoshop explained.
  • 60+ hands-on exercises, and 14 practical challenges to hone your skills. 
  • Contains 28 videos that describe the functioning of some important tools.
  • Bonus hands-on exercises.
  • Content under the How we will proceed heading summarizes workflow of the exercises.
  • Content under the What just happened heading explains the working of instructions.
  • Additional tips, guidance, and advice is provided using tips, notes, and warnings.
  • Important words are in bold-face so that you never miss them.
  • Support for technical aspect of the book.
  • CINEMA 4D files and other resources are available for download.
  • You will also get access to a ePub/PDF file that has the color images of screenshots/diagram used in the book. These images will help you to understand hands-on exercises and output. This file is included with resources.

How This Book Is Structured?

This book is divided into following units:

Unit CI-1, Introducing CINEMA 4D Studio 18, provides an introduction to CINEMA 4D interface, transformation tools, and browsers/managers available in CINEMA 4D. Contains 8 videos that describe the functioning of some important tools.

Unit CI-2, Tools of the Trade, describes the tools and process to place and arrange objects accurately using arrange tools, guides, and Workplanes. Contains 17 videos that describe the functioning of some important tools.

Unit CM-1, Spline Modeling, covers the spline modeling tools and techniques. Contains 3 videos that describe the functioning of some important tools.

Unit CM-2, Polygon Modeling, covers polygons components, polygon modeling techniques, selection tools, polygons structure tools, splines structure tools, modeling Objects, and deformers.

Unit CEM, Bonus Hands-on Exercises [Modeling], contains 2 additional hands-on exercises on modeling.

Unit CT-1, Introduction to UVW Mapping, covers UVs, UV Manager, and UV Projection techniques.

Unit CT-2, Material Presets, describes Material Manager, material presets, channels, creating materials, blending modes, studio light setup, and Physical renderer

Unit CT-3, Creating Textures in Photoshop, describes non-destructive editing, techniques for creating custom textures, maps, and designs.

Unit CT-4, Creating Materials, describes techniques for creating various materials such as denim material, denim material using reflectance model, abstract materials, rust material, wood materials, concrete material, brick material, leather materials, rubber material, and car paint material

Unit CL1, Lighting, covers 3-Point Lighting, setting up a product visualization shot, and rendering interiors using the Physical Renderer.

Appendix, Quiz Answers, contains answer to the Quiz sections at the end of each chapter.

Is the book available in other languages?

Not yet, if you are interested in translating this book, contact us.

Is this book is available in print format?


What do I need to know?

No experience in CINEMA 4D needed.

Can I reuse the CINEMA 4D  files provided by you?

Absolutely, you are free to modify and use the files.

Is the technical support available?

Yes, if you face any problem related to the technical aspect of the book, submit your query using the tech support from on our website. Our technical team will get back to you ASAP.

Still have questions?

No problem, contact us, we are more than ready to provide answers to your questions.

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