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Rising Polygon Academy

Rising Polygon Academy is a venture of Rising Polygon Publishing that provides self-paced training for 3D artists, motion graphics designers, indie-game developers, and graphic designers. Our training course library contains courses and tutorials for today’s leading graphic software and industry topics. This allows you to overcome the typical challenges of traditional training like:

  • No advanced training available
  • Class specific to your needs
  • The class is not available when you need it
  • The class needs to affordable
  • Too busy to leave work to enroll in training

Rising Polygon Academy platform is founded by Ravi Conor and Elizabeth VT with more than a decade of experience in the computer graphics field. Our affordable courses comes with easy to follow tutorials that makes learning interesting, effective, and accessible.

The following courses are available:

  • Introduction to XPresso With CINEMA 4D  - A Beginners Training Course
  • Exploring XPresso With CINEMA 4D - Speed up your workflow by using CINEMA 4D’s node-based Expression System
  • Creating Plugins using XPresso 
  • Introduction to UV Mapping with CINEMA 4D

Coming Up:

  • Create Models with CINEMA 4D -A Beginners Training Course
  • Create Background Designs and Textures with Photoshop
  • Explore Shading and Texturing with CINEMA 4D
  • Explore Rendering and Lighting with CINEMA 4D
  • Create Models with 3ds Max -A Beginners Training Course
  • Explore Shading, Texturing, and Lighting with 3ds Max

Experience the ease of learning from comfort of your home !

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere, Affordable

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